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I started ASA in the end 2009. Since 2010 ASA’s goal has been twofold. On the one hand the organization strives to inform locals about Street Art in Amsterdam and around the world. On the other hand let local artists, the creative industry and international artists work together to exhibit a diverse range of artworks in a wide variety of places.
The annual Amsterdam Street Art festival has provided a platform for local and international artists on the street of Amsterdam, but also in various associated galleries. Since 2015 we also organize event internationally, like our event in Miami during ART BASEL Miami  Besides generating awareness, the combination of showing works outdoors contributed to the perception and acceptance of Street Art in Amsterdam.
Besides the festival ASA commissioned many artists murals in recent years, has over 350k follower on Facebook and we reach more than 4 Million people every month. ASA functions as an advisory board for companies and organizations regarding Street Art.Since this year we also started the Dutch Street Art awards together with Boomerang Create.




Schermafbeelding 2016-04-23 om 23.24.14




Schermafbeelding 2016-04-23 om 23.31.35




12751790_1029992397071188_2109288584_oDSA logo wit10562986_10152565923307209_4648840057646655372_n

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